Soto Spackle Nail Hole Filler

Soto Spackle Nail Hole Filler


sōto SPACKLE & PAINT REPAIR is a professional-grade, non-toxic, low-VOC spackle designed to expertly fill nail holes, cracks, dents and other small crevices with minimal effort. Available in a range of colors to match most white surfaces in order to eliminate the need for additional paint and primer. The tapered tip allows direct application into the hole, while the enclosed putty knife removes excess putty and levels the hole with the existing surface. Can be left as is or followed with soto touch up paint to further blend the defect. sōto touch up putty has optimum workability: it does not shrink/crack/flake, does not require sanding, dries within minutes and cleans up with soap and water. Suggested for use on: walls, ceiling, furniture, cabinets, directly on wood or over existing paint. Do not use on plastic, metal or cedar siding. 


• Ensure surface is clean and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, loose paint/drywall and mildew.  Clean entire surface with water and/or mild detergent.
• Ensure product is moist. Keep cap on to keep product from drying out. If material is dry, remove cap and insert a mixing wand into bottle with a few drops of water and blend. 
• Squirt product directly into hole until it is completely filled. Use putty knife to scrape off excess to make it level with the existing surface. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before painting. 
INTERIOR SURFACES - Putty can be left as is or followed with color matched paint, like sōto touch up paint to further blend defect.
EXTERIOR SURFACES - Putty must be followed with exterior-grade paint or polyurethane clear coat to ensure long-term durability. 
•• Clean up with soap & water. DO NOT FREEZE! Frozen product is dry and lumpy. Contact us immediately if frozen.

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