We all dream of having that seemingly unreachable, Instagram-worthy, pristinely white nursery/kid's room every day. But the obvious question stands, will it stay looking that pristine in a day, or week or frankly after your kid inhabits it? It's a kid's room after-all! I wouldn't be writing this post if I were to tell you that that pristinely sparkling tot chamber only lived in that previously mentioned fantasy world. You can guess, we have a solution for you. Well 5 actually. Read on for 5 simple lifestyle tips that are sure to keep your kid's room as pristine as it was on day one. 

And this is probably the most valuable lesson any parent will 'eventually' learn. But your path to a cleaner and more minimalistic life (yes, even in your kid's room) will come from learning this sooner rather than later. Clutter collects dust, and food crumbs and bugs and dirty socks and and and... AKA clutter festers dirt and grime. The less clutter the less dirt and grime. 

 Not only does this help keep the room clean, but it also teaches your children a valuable lesson = organizational skills and responsibility. When you set up or renovate your kids room, create a meaningful place for EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING. Whether it's bookshelves or toy bins, we suggest creating labeled systems that make it easier for you and your child to understand where everything "lives." This helps in two ways - 1. It helps your honey bun find what she wants when she wants it and 2. It makes cleaning up and putting everything back easy peasy. 

Since your little one has such a tiny tummy, they get hungry often and you might be tempted to let them snack while playing in their room. I mean what harm can a side of veggies (and dip) or a handful of crackers do? Well, think again. You'll end up with way more work than you bargained for and will probably end up with more food deposited around the room than landing in your monkey's tummy. Tip: Keep a veggie tray or bowl of crackers on the kitchen table. If your little munchkin gets hungry while playing, he'll learn to come out to fill up. 

The more frequent you surface clean, the less work it is and will become over time. If you're following the first 3 steps, surface cleaning should be a piece of cake. Wiping down surfaces with a wet wipe or all natural surface spray and cloth on a weekly basis will take off any dust and fingerprints. Use a duster to dust off windows, blinds and crevices. And vacuum or sweep/mop floors. Then every 6 months do a more thorough clean, pulling out furniture and wiping down walls. This really shouldn't be a lot of work besides getting the dust hiding in crevices. That's it! Oh, and btw, this is a good daddy & me activity, teaching your kids discipline and helping them appreciate why keeping a tidy house is important.

Your little one is playing in the dirt all day, so naturally she is bringing all that grime home with her. Making sure she is squeaky clean before climbing into bed will help keep the sheets clean, which means you have to change them (and do god-for-saken laundry) less often. Plus, soaking in a warm bath has a proven calming affect so she'll sleep like a baby. Quick Tip: Not only is this valuable for your little one, but actually showering in the evening can be a positive routine change for everyone in your household (including you!). It will save loads of laundry because you have to wash your sheets less often (because you're always clean getting into bed) and your mornings will be easier and less stressful for EVERYONE!